The EXTREME SPOTLIGHT is on Mr. Yoga Daniel Ztar Lacerda

16 Oct

Mr. Yoga is no stranger to the Extreme Fitness family. He is a well-established and well-known Guru in his craft and if you have ever taken a class of his you will quickly understand why. Extremes Stephanie Joanne caught up with Daniel to get some more information on just what life is like being Mr. Yoga.

1. Daniels Biography…
Mr. Yoga Daniel Lacerda’s, in-depth knowledge of mind and body coupled with his passion for helping others has benefited thousands from TV celebrities to Olympic athletes alike.

As an Ambassador for Lululemon and Nike Endurance Sports, Daniel has been featured on international television shows, as well as top-selling publications such as Men’s Health Magazine.

Despite the prominence of yoga in Daniel’s world today, yoga only began to have transformative effects on the later years of his life. In fact, his first experience with yoga was at age eight at gymnastics camp where he spent most of the class facing the corner for misbehaving. At age thirteen, yoga also made its way into Daniel’s life, this time as part of his Judo Martial Arts practice. However, it wasn’t until ten years ago when Daniel took a vow of poverty, moved to Brazil and lived in an empty 300-square-foot apartment, that yoga brought about real change. While the living conditions there left Daniel malnourished and significantly
underweight, they also led him inwards where the defining moment in his life came to pass. At his lowest, while meditating, Daniel’s introspection provided a very personal vision of what he could be – how he could touch people’s lives, help them grow, and experience fulfillment of the highest order, while simultaneously living life on his own terms.

Trained in both Raja Yoga by Hindu Monk DadaHariKrishnamacharya and Yi Jin Jing by Shaolin Kung Fu Monk Sifu Shi Dei Wei, Daniel is able to engage
his students to become agents of change in matters of individual health and wellness.

He is the developer of, “Mr. Yoga’s Cure,” a program that aims to heal disease and illness through yoga, and an author of the book, “Journey into Anti-Aging Power.” Not only has Daniel hosted a television event where he led over 2,200 people in the attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest game of Yoga Twister, he has also been voted the #1
Hottest Bachelor on Virgin radio (of which on-air hosts include Ryan Seacrest, Akon, and Perez Hilton).

Daniel’s classes and workshops are dynamic, fun, and inspirational. He is a charismatic and free-spirited teacher, able to encapsulate the technical aspects of yoga necessary to have both longstanding and far-reaching results for his students.

2. Who has inspired you the most to succeed in this industry?
Bruce Lee. He was an original thinker, and an innovator in so many ways. From his training methods, to inventing ground breaking training apparatuses, to being the father of todays mixed martial arts. He removed the dogma in martial arts and replaced it with a stripped down no nonsense practical approach. Not only was his knowledge of the art very deep, he revolutionized the industry he was in. His charisma was so strong that most people couldn’t see past it and realize just how brilliant he really was. These are some of the things I have sought out to do with the art of yoga.

3. What is your training style/philosophies?
*You are a work of art in constant progress. Put this into practice everyday.
*Avoid doing anything half hearted. If your are going to do something, get it done to the best of your ability, no excuses.

4. What advice would you give to your clients or peers to stay on track?
Hold yourself 100% accountable. No excuses!

5. Where can we find out more about you (website, published magazines,
etc.)? Please provide links



6. What advice would you give to Extreme Fitness members to stay on track and reach their individual fitness goals?

Make sure your goals are rooted in something you are truly passionate about. Having an intellectual understanding of your goal is not enough. Passion and clarity will supply enough emotional fuel to make it to the finish line. Visuals like pictures and videos create a stronger impression in your mind. So have a very detailed clear visual of your goal. You need to condition and fine tune your mind even more than your body since everything you say and do comes form this source. Consistency, taking daily action is key. Make a promise to yourself and honor it. Integrity, honor and self restraint are codes of conduct in an authentic yoga practice and are rarely found in todays society. It is being replaced with instant gratification (lack of restraint) and selfishness. This is perhaps one of the main reasons for the high rates of obesity.

7. What do you love most about working / working out at Extreme Fitness?
I loved watching how Extreme Fitness went out to set a higher standard for fitness clubs in Toronto. From getting the best training equipment, to hiring the best instructors and seeking original workout programs. I hope they never forget the high standards they set!

My definition of health is….
the abundance and balance of physical energy, positive emotional and mental energy, mixed in with a zest for life.

Body and mind are interconnected. If you negate one both will suffer.

Physical exercise (anaerobic, aerobic, & flexibility), correct nutritional intake, proper amount of rest/recuperation, stress reduction management skills play a part. Another important question to ask is how “healthy” is your relationship with yourself and others?

Many think that looking the part of a fitness model equals great optimum health. Unfortunately this is not true. I have seen first hand that there is a great deal of disorders (binging) and unhealthy methods used in attaining this look (fat burners and diuretics etc.). If you look great in the mirror but hate how you feel, you may need to ask yourself “what is really the definition of health?”

My definition of beauty is….
thoughts, words and actions that come from a place of selflessness.



2 Responses to “The EXTREME SPOTLIGHT is on Mr. Yoga Daniel Ztar Lacerda”

  1. Marshall Van Fleet October 20, 2011 at 8:33 am #

    Ok…This guy inspires me to take up Yoga…I am 49 years young…and ready to get in the best shape of my life! Good Work! Daniel…

  2. Mary Newman November 3, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

    Looking to give this gift to my son for Christmas.
    Right now he does not do anything – except golf for exercise, is this too extreme for him
    to begin some regiment? I see mostly females, is it just for women or men too?

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